TunnelBear extension in your browser

TunnelBear extension in your browser. Security for the user while surfing the internet is becoming increasingly important, especially when downloading. Companies, governments and internet providers are collecting all the information to create a profile with our data and send advertising.

The best way to avoid having all these messages in your inbox is to use a VPN like TunnelBear, for example. With this extension you can surf the internet anonymously and free of charge.

What is a VPN?

For those who do not know what it is, a VPN is a virtual private network with which we can connect to the internet or a public network through a completely secure extension.

The way it works is to establish a virtual point-to-point connection through connections that can be encrypted or unencrypted. Encrypted connections are always much better, as unencrypted VPNs have no advantage whatsoever, only a very small improvement in speed but a loss of security.

Such tools are very useful for some sectors. An example of this can be found in advertising. Some agencies use a VPN to gain access to geolocation-enabled websites and advertising banners.

The same is true for the gambling sector and especially for online casinos. In many cases you cannot access them because you are not in their country of origin. The best example is to be found in the Arab countries.

The online casinos that are offered may have local restrictions. The Saudi government may block or prohibit users from viewing certain websites. Using VPN, Arabs can access a wide variety of games like roulette. They can find the best versions and bonuses to enjoy this game. They will also have access to classic games such as VideoPoker, Blackjack or craps. However,

when you use a VPN it is because you want maximum security, but you should not neglect to make sure that the casino you play at is secure. Make sure that the casino you choose has other factors like security, player safety, access and bonuses. In this way, you will always be assured of fun and safety.

Types of VPNs

The types of VPNs can be classified in two ways. The first way is depending on their economic cost:

– Paid ones. They respect privacy. One of the advantages they have is the higher speeds and additional features that are obtained, especially for the security and privacy of the user.

– The free ones. There is a clear risk that our data will end up being sold to others, so you should bear in mind that this type of service costs money and must be amortised in some way. Some of the free ones include WARP, which guarantees that data is not sold, and Opera VPN, which is integrated into the browser itself.

  • They can also be divided depending on how they are used:
  • – VPN via applications or programs. When active, they affect any programme that connects to the internet.
What is the main function of TunnelBear and what can it do?

This extension encrypts our internet connection and keeps our online activity private. The way it works is that data travels through an encrypted tunnel in which it is in no danger of being discovered by cybercriminals or any other type of organisation that collects information from third parties.

TunnelBear is a powerful tool that can help you achieve two important things:

  • – Protect your privacy by preventing internet providers, companies, and governments from being able to see your online activity.
  • – Prevent data and password theft when using public Wi-Fi networks.
  • – Accessing content that is only available in specific regions. This is quite common on streaming platforms, where it is often possible to find series or films that are not available in our country.

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